Data is Power

We at KubeLogix® believe in one main principle: The more information business leadership has about its company and its client base the more visibility it has to make the right decisions and grow.
As a leading Technology Innovation company with over 20 years of experience our primary focus is to build solutions which help our client’s businesses get smarter.
We are confident that through collaboration with KubeLogix® and having access to our expertise and technology we can help you achieve your business goals.


Reporting Simplified

Think of all your Business Data from all of its different sources as in a locked box. Now think of Marvel BI® as the key to unlock this box and to be able to fully access and ultilise this data.

KubeLogix® have created; MARVEL-BI®, which is a reporting and analytics platform designed specifically for organisations running SAP ECC, SAP Business One, and Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides an out-of- the-box data warehouse and reporting platform with a broad range of end-user access options.

  • 01
    accurate, and real-time data – all in one place – for better reporting, analysis, and decision-making
  • 02
    Rapid implementation
    in as few as 10 days per subject area, at a fraction of the cost of other options
  • 03
    Avoid Cost
    surprises with our fixed-fee implementation success guarantee
  • 04
    with various business applications and cloud infrastructure – SharePoint, Office 365, etc
  • 05
    Ability for Ad-Hoc
    analysis and Custom dashboard design
  • 06
    Artificial Intelligence
    enabled Analysis with cost reduction and Forecasting Algorithms
Less Cost
Compared to competitors BI packages
Quicker Implementation
Then market leading products due to our super fast data extraction technology
Clients Saved
On average in their first year using Marvel BI®

IoT Wireless Sensors

After several years of intense research and development we have developed our cutting edge MAGESENSE® wireless sensors with incorporated smartmesh technology. Monitor, Analyse and Automate with Magesense IOT® solutions today.

Source Systems

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